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Glyptothorax annandalei



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Family : Sisorid catfishes ; Found in mountain rapids [1].

Common Names

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Common Names in Mandarin Chinese:

墨脫紋胸鮡, 墨脱纹胸鮡

Common Names in Marathi:


Common Names in Marathi (Marāṭhī):


Common Names in Nepali:



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Biome: Freshwater [2].

Ecology: Glyptothorax annandalei is found in cascades , rapids and riffle pools (with broken boulders as the substrate). It attains a total length of 11.5 cm (Menon 1999). There are general threats to the habitat  in the areas where the fish is found. In Chalakudy river the habitat of this fish is severely threatened by damming, indiscriminate de-forestation and subsequent conversion of forest area into agricultural plantations (Raghaven et al. 2008). Such changes are also common in other areas where the species is distributed (IUCN threat maps).[2].

List of Habitats:


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Glyptothorax annandalei Hora


Name Status: Accepted Name .

First described: Hora, S.L.; Chopra, B . Reptilia and Batrachia of the Salt Range , Punjab Rec. Ind. Mus. 4 (25): 369-376, 1923.

Last scrutiny: Data last modified by FishBase 13-Jan-2003

Glyptothorax annandalei was originally described by Hora (1923) from Nierolay stream , Bhavani River , at the base of Nilgiri Hills , Tamil Nadu, India.[2].

Similar Species

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