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Astragalus limnocharis

(Cedar Breaks Milkvetch)


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Threat status

Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Cedar Breaks Milkvetch, Navajo Lake Milkvetch


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Genus Astragalus

Herbs, undershrubs or shrubs . Leaf paripinnate or imparipinnate , rarely unifoliolate or digitately trifoliolate ; leaflets entire, stipels absent; stipulate . Inflorescence racemose, spicate umbellate or solitary; peduncles generally axillary . Flowers bracteate ; bracteoles present or absent; pedicellate or sessile, violet or purple to white or pale yellow. Calyx tubular , teeth subequal . Vexillum ovate , obovate , oblong , panduriform or sometimes appendiculate Wing and keel generally with long claws . Stamens diadelphous , vexillary stamen free, rest (9) united , anthers uniform . Ovary sessile or stipitate , glabrous or pubescent ; style straight or incurved , stigma mostly terminal , sometimes penicillate . Fruit sessile or stipitate, 2-valved, unilocular , partly or completely bilocular by an intrusive membrane . Seed often reniform .

Astragalus is one of the biggest Angiospermous genera with about 1600 species widely distributed in the Old and the New World. In Pakistan it is represented by about 135 species.[1]

Physical Description

Habit: HerbClimbing: Not Climbing


Typically found at an altitude of 0 to 1,910 meters (0 to 6,266 feet).[2]


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Duration: Perennial


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Publishing author : Barneby Publication : Leafl. W. Bot. 4: 236 1946

Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Climbing : Not climbing, Habit: Herb, Lifespan: Perennial

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Astragalus

ZipcodeZoo has pages for 697 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus. Here are just 100 of them:

A. aboriginum (Indian Milk-Vetch) · A. aboriginum var. aboriginum (Indian Milk-Vetch) · A. accidens (Rogue River Milk-Vetch) · A. accidens var. accidens (Rogue River Milkvetch) · A. accidens var. hendersonii (Henderson's Milkvetch) · A. accumbens (Zuni Milk-Vetch) · A. ackermanii (Ackerman's Milk-Vetch) · A. acutirostris (Beaked Milk-Vetch) · A. adanus (Boise Milkvetch) · A. adsurgens (Rattle Milk-Vetch) · A. adsurgens robustior (Ascending Purple Milk Vetch) · A. adsurgens var. tananaicus (Standing Milkvetch) · A. aequalis (Clokey Milk-Vetch) · A. agassii (Agasi's Locoweed) · A. agnicidus (Humboldt County Milkvetch) · A. agrestis (Cock's-Head) · A. albanicus (Molochay Girkanskiy) · A. albens (Cushenbury Milk-Vetch) · A. albulus (Cibola Milkvetch) · A. allochrous (Halfmoon Milkvetch) · A. allochrous var. playanus (Halfmoon Milkvetch) · A. allotricholobus (Astragal Inachevolosistobobovy) · A. alopecurus (Fuchsschwanz Tragant) · A. alpinus (Alpen Tragant) · A. alpinus alpinus (Alpine Milk Vetch) · A. alpinus alpinus var. alpinus (Alpine Milkvetch) · A. alpinus brunetianus (Brunet's Milk Vetch) · A. alpinus var. brunetianus (Alpine Milk-Vetch) · A. alpinus subsp. alaskanus (Astragal Alpiyski Alaskinski) · A. alpinus subsp. arcticus (Astragal Alpiyski Arkticheski) · A. altus (Tall Milkvetch) · A. alvordensis (Alvord Milk-Vetch) · A. amblytropis (Challis Milk-Vetch) · A. americanus (American Milk-Vetch) · A. amnis-amissi (Custer Milkvetch) · A. amphioxys (Crescent Milkvetch) · A. amphioxys var. amphioxys (Crescent Milkvetch) · A. amphioxys var. modestus (Crescent Milkvetch) · A. amphioxys var. vespertinus (Aladdin Slippers) · A. ampullarius (Gumbo Milkvetch) · A. andersonii (Anderson's Milkvetch) · A. anisus (Gunnison Milkvetch) · A. anserinus (Goose Creek Milkvetch) · A. anxius (Troubled Milkvetch) · A. applegatei (Applegate's Milk-Vetch) · A. aquilonius (Lemhi Milk-Vetch) · A. arenarius (Arenarious Milk-Vetch) · A. argophyllus (Dana Milkvetch) · A. argophyllus var. argophyllus (Silverleaf Milkvetch) · A. argophyllus var. martinii (Silver-Leaf Milkvetch) · A. argophyllus var. panguicensis (Silverleaf Milkvetch) · A. aridus (Annual Desert Milkvetch) · A. arizonicus (Arizona Locoweed) · A. arrectus (Palouse Milk-Vetch) · A. arthurii (Arthur Milk-Vetch) · A. asclepiadoides (Bird Milk-Vetch) · A. aspindzicus (Astragal Glinistyi) · A. asymmetricus (Horse Locoweed) · A. atratus (Darwin Mesa Milkvetch) · A. atratus var. atratus (Mourning Milkvetch) · A. atratus var. inseptus (Fairfield Milkvetch) · A. atratus var. owyheensis (Owyhee Milk-Vetch) · A. atropubescens (Hangingpod Milkvetch) · A. austiniae (Austin Milk-Vetch) · A. australis (Indian Milk-Vetch) · A. bakuensis (Astragal Albanskiy) · A. beathii (Beath Milk-Vetch) · A. beatleyae (Beatley Milk-Vetch) · A. beckwithii (Beckwith's Milk-Vetch) · A. beckwithii var. beckwithii (Beckwith's Milkvetch) · A. beckwithii var. purpureus (Beckwith's Milkvetch) · A. beckwithii var. sulcatus (Beckwith's Milkvetch) · A. beckwithii var. weiserensis (Weiser's Milkvetch) · A. bernardinus (Lesser Threekeel Milkvetch) · A. bibullatus (Guthrie's Ground-Plum) · A. bicristatus (Crested Milkvetch) · A. bisulcatus (Two Groove Milkvetch) · A. bisulcatus var. haydenianus (Hayden Milkvetch) · A. bisulcatus var. major (Twogrooved Milkvetch) · A. bisulcatus var. nevadensis (Nevada Milkvetch) · A. bodinii (Bodin Milkvetch) · A. bodinii var. bodinii (Bodin´s Milk-Vetch) · A. bolanderi (Bolander's Milkvetch) · A. bourgovii (Bourgeau's Milk-Vetch) · A. brandegeei (Brandegee Milk-Vetch) · A. brauntonii (Braunton's Milkvetch) · A. brazoensis (Brazos Milkvetch) · A. breweri (Brewer Milkvetch) · A. bylowae (Bylov's Locoweed) · A. californicus (Klamath Basin Milk-Vetch) · A. callithrix (Callaway Milkvetch) · A. calycosus (King's Milkvetch) · A. calycosus var. calycosus (Torrey Milkvetch) · A. calycosus var. mancus (Torrey´s Milk-Vetch) · A. calycosus var. monophyllidius (One-Leaflet Torrey Milk-Vetch) · A. calycosus var. scaposus (Torrey Milkvetch) · A. camptopus (Bruneau Milkvetch) · A. canadensis (Canada Milkvetch) · A. canadensis var. brevidens (Canada Milkvetch) · A. canadensis var. mortonii (Morton's Canadian Milkvetch)

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Data Sources

Accessed through GBIF Data Portal January 28, 2008:



  1. "Astragalus". in Flora of Pakistan page 121. Published by Science Press (Beijing) and Missouri Botanical Garden Press. Online at [back]
  2. Mean = 672.170 meters (2,205.282 feet), Standard Deviation = 2,666.640 based on 12 observations. Altitude information for each observation from British Oceanographic Data Centre. [back]
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