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Sorex caecutiens



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Common Names

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Common Names in English:

Laxmann's shrew, MASKED SHREW

Common Names in French:


Common Names in Russian:

Бурозубка средняя, бурозубка Лаксмана, землеройка в маске

Common Names in Spanish:



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Ecology: It occurs mainly in coniferous , deciduous and mixed forests in the taiga zone, although it is also found in a range of tundra habitats including birch and willow scrub in river valleys (Pucek 1999, Finch and van der Kooij 2005). In northern Fennoscandia, it tends to be found in shrub-rich mires , alpine birch forests, and open mires, and at the south-western edge of its range in Norway it occurs in alpine habitats (Finch and van der Kooij 2005). In general moist habitats are preferred, such as damp parts of forests with thick moss cover (Pucek 1999). Cultivated land is avoided (Sulkava 1990). The masked shrew feeds on a wide range of insects, spiders, and centipedes (Stone 1995). As it has a lower net food intake than larger shrews such as S. araneus, it can survive in less productive habitats (Finch and van der Kooij 2005).[1].

List of Habitats:


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Name Status: Accepted Name .

Comment: Subgenus : Sorex

Last scrutiny: 28-Nov-2006

Similar Species

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Members of the genus Sorex

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Data Sources

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