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ZipcodeZoo offers Free Research Support for Journalists

April 28, 2015. ZipcodeZoo today announced that it will offer free research support for journalists. Reporters, writers, and editors who are developing stories on any species of plant or animal may simply contact us, we'll do the species research, and post an expanded page for the plant or animal here.

For animals, we will likely be able to provide information about the its physical description, behavior, diet, reproduction, geographic distribution, conservation status, and more. See our description of the American Robin for an example. For plants, we'll provide information about physical description, ecology, factors affecting growth (sunlight, pH, moisture, etc.), reproduction, geographic distribution, conservation status, and more. See our description of the Multiflora Rose for an example. In all cases, we'll try to track down photos, videos, and audio recordings. And in all cases, you may contact us with questions.

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How to get this free support:

  • Use the search box at the top of any page to search for the plant or animal of interest. Review the page, and decide what information you are most interested in.
  • Drop us a note. Write Research@ZipcodeZoo.com and tell us what you need, when you need it.
  • We'll do the research, publish our results, and drop you a note with a link to those results.
  • After reviewing the research, give us a call or send an email if you have questions.

About ZipcodeZoo

ZipcodeZoo is a free, online natural history encyclopedia. ZipcodeZoo has a page for every living species, supplementing text with video, sound, and images where available. The site's five million pages include over 800,000 photographs, 47,000 videos, 160,000 sound clips, and a 1.2 million maps describing 3.2 million species and infraspecies.

ZipcodeZoo's sister site Lookup.Life includes a number of specialized search functions, such as identifying a bird species from its color, shape and other traits, including where it was seen; or generating a list of plants or animals likely to be found in or near a specific location (a zipcode, state, country, latitude/longitude, etc.). The searches can be restricted to specific taxa, or broad categories like reptiles or fish. One page will teach you bird songs, and can play multiple bird song recordings simultaneously. LookupLife, our new critter finder app, will be shipping soon!

ZipcodeZoo.com was launched in 2004.

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