Educating and Gathering Pet Lovers under One Roof Since 2015

It’s been over 19 years since Zipcode Zoo Club has been serving as the pioneer and leader for gathering animal lovers ranging from first-time owners to experts. In collaboration with our partner groups, we publicise that pets should be treated as family members and promote animal health and wellness. Also, we protect owner rights and educate everyone on how to care for pets in a responsible, cautious, and loving way. We dedicatedly invest our time and knowledge in executing everything that’s about pets and enjoy the charm and delight they bring with them.

Loving pets is our lifestyle that’s turned into an overpowering passion.

We have long been serving this purpose and our values remain the same. Pet lovers still feel pride in making their pets ready and investing time and money. Nothing has changed since the time we started off because the handlers still have a religious routine that brings deep satisfaction. The core of it is to keep pets healthy, strong, and joyful.

As our motto goes: “We serve to make pets happy and healthy because they deserve it