This article will help you choose the most suitable scratching tree for your pussycat. We will see which are the best trees for cats. We will guide you through the entire product selection process, show you offers, and give you practical advice for use.

Key points: what to consider before choosing a cat tree?

  • Size: when choosing a cat tree of a specific size, take into account the space you have at home, the size of your cat, and also if you live with several cats.
  • Material: Choose a tree made of as strong and resistant materials as possible. The most common are made of pressed wood lined with velvet, with posts lined with sisal rope. The more sophisticated models are made with quality wood but are more expensive.
  • Assembly: keep in mind that you will have to assemble the chosen tree once you receive the chosen tree. Try to select a model with clear assembly instructions that include all the necessary materials to make it.
  • Platforms: the chosen tree must have several platforms located at different levels. The media should be large and sturdy enough to support your cat’s weight and allow her to jump from one to the other safely.
  • Accessories: in addition to having platforms at different levels, it is convenient that the tree also includes other accessories, such as houses or caves, hammocks, stairs, toys, etc. The more complete it is, the better.

Cheap Small Cat Tree

This attractive and compact scratching tree for cats is convenient and great value for money and does not require much space. 

It is completely upholstered with high-quality soft plush and has two platforms where your cat can climb, a square house where he can nap feeling protected, and two columns wrapped with sisal rope so that he can scratch and stretch. 

In addition, a toy ball is attached to the upper platform, which will encourage your kitten to play.

The cheap Dibea cat tree is sold in various colours and has a total height of 80cm, while its base has dimensions of 50 x 30 cm. The house measures 12 “x 11”, making it suitable for a relatively small cat. The diameter of the columns, meanwhile, is about 8 cm.

Medium-sized cat tree

This excellent scratching tree for cats from Dibea has a medium size that is very practical since it will provide your kitten with a wide surface to scratch, as well as several platforms and areas to relax and play without taking up excessive space in your house.

In total, there are three platforms of different heights where your feline companion can climb up to contemplate the world. The top one has a raised edge, which will allow your cat to snuggle up and take a good nap. In addition, it also has a cave that you can get into if you want more privacy. All these surfaces are covered with soft plush.

The tree has two columns, one of which, the longest, crosses the three panoramic platforms and is covered with resistant sisal rope so that you can scratch at ease. The other column is shorter and covered with plush.

But, in addition to being able to scratch and relax, this climbing tree for cats also has several play options. 

On the one hand, at the base, we have a spring that carries a plush ball, on the other, a rope that your kitty can chew on, and finally, another plush ball hangs from the upper platform.

The dimensions of this excellent cat tree are as follows: its base measures 40 x 40 cm, its total height is 112 cm, and its full width is 60 cm.

Cat Trees

Large tall cat tree (with nests, hammocks, and platforms)

It has several platforms located at different heights; a cave where your cat can get into; a hammock; and several columns to scratch, the highest of which has three stuffed balls with hanging bells at the top so that your kitten can play with them.

This massive large cat tree is suitable for up to 3 or 4 cats (as long as they do not weigh more than 7 kg each) and is easy to assemble. It is lined with soft, high-quality flannel, and its columns are wrapped with solid sisal rope.

Its base measures 50 x 50 cm and has a maximum height of 154 cm, while its weight is approximately 16.9 kg. As it is a tree with many measurements, the manufacturer recommends placing it against a wall or in a corner to prevent it from wobbling if we have overly enthusiastic kittens when jumping across its different platforms.

Giant cat tree (very tall and fixed to the ceiling)

All the scratchers are too small for you, or if you only have one pussycat, you want to provide it with a vast and luxurious climbing tree to enjoy many hours of fun, this giant tree for cats.

The tree has several platforms at different levels; two tiny houses measuring 46 x 36 x 25 cm, each with a ladder whose steps are covered with sisal rope; a tube with a diameter of 23 cm that your cat can get into; two carrycots to lie down of 30 x 35 cm; and several 8 cm diameter bars, also covered with resistant sisal rope, where your cat companions can sharpen their nails and stretch at ease. In addition, two plush balls hang at different heights for more fun.

The cat’s giant scratching tree has an adjustable height, between 240 and 260 cm, and is fixed to the ceiling, giving it excellent stability and security. But, of course, you will need a perfect space to put it. 

The tree’s base measures 60 x 45 cm, but with all the platforms and accessories, its total width is 120 cm.