Do you find yourself checking different departments in Lima and want the company of a pet in this new beginning? Cats are one of the best options for living in small spaces. Now, not all breeds will be suitable. Some will fit better with that lifestyle.

You must know the best alternatives that will be better accommodated in medium and small spaces. 

1.- Maine Coon cat

Perhaps it might not seem appropriate for an apartment as it is a sizeable cat. However, Maine Coons are among the warmest and most affectionate felines. Also, they don’t usually make too much noise and stay calm most of the time.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the decoration of your home, you can be sure that they will not damage your environment. However, their fur may require more attention than other apartment cats, but it is easily solved with regular brushing.

This breed of cats is quite affectionate, and they tend to show their affection by rubbing their fur with their owners constantly. All know that they tend to be very loyal and develop bonds that last a lifetime.

2.- Scottish fold

The great point in favour of this breed of house cats is their temperament. They are pretty calm, and instead of finding them exploring the deepest places in your home, you will constantly see them taking a nap. These cats are also very easy to train, but they don’t like being left alone very much.

In general, the Scottish fold appreciates established habits and routines, so it can get a bit stressed if there are significant changes in the spaces in which it lives. Like Maine Coons, they do not show much interest in chewing or damaging household objects when bored.

Cat Breed

3.- Abyssinian cat

 The Abyssinians are the option you need. These are very beautiful, but they do not usually meow excessively.

Now, these cats like to play a lot and take every opportunity to do so, so they require some energy. First, this breed will feel comfortable with families with children or other felines as they will have someone to play with.

4.- Persian cat

Persians are among the laziest cat breeds in the world. They love napping at all-day hours and snuggling, which means they will be the perfect choice for people who like to receive constant affection from pets in the apartment.

If you are very concerned about space, you should know that small places are perfect for Persian cats. 

5.- Burmese cat

Yes, these can be difficult to find; however, they are a wonderful breed. Despite their furry appearance, they are much easier to care for than other felines.

Burmese cats are pretty friendly and like the company of humans. Therefore, they will prefer to spend time with someone who works from home and not with someone who will be absent for 10 or 11 hours a day.

6.- Ragdoll

This is not only one of the most beautiful breeds of cats to have around the house, but they are pretty laid back like most of the alternatives on this list. Ragdolls have a relatively docile and affectionate temperament.

The affection and company these felines are constantly seeking are why they are known as lap cats. The moment you hold a ragdoll in your arms, you will notice how it relaxes and falls gently into your hands.

7.- Blue Russian cat

Ok, the Russian blue cat indeed has the reputation of being a somewhat sullen pet, so it may not be the best alternative for people who want constant companionship. However, they can be very affectionate when they wish.

A significant advantage of these cats in small apartments is that they have reasonably short coats. That is very convenient when cleaning the house. Also, like the Maine Coon, it tends to develop a lifelong connection with its owner.