The Chartreux cat breed is most appreciated for its long life expectancy and peculiar blue coat. Originally from the Middle East, it was exported to France around the 12th century, favoring its expansion throughout Europe. When they reach adulthood, they get an average size and a weight of less than 10 kg.

Origin of the Carthusian cat or Chartreux

Although the origin of the French Chartreux cat is in the Middle East, it developed as a breed when it was exported to France in the 12th century. The Order monks of the Cartuja used them for hunting rats during the bubonic plague, hence its name Carthusian cat.

Types of Carthusian cat

It can be confused with other very similar breeds, so it is essential to know the main characteristics of the Chartreux cat.


It is known as the Chartreux gray cat for its characteristic color, although blue varieties can be found. 

Hair type

The type of hair can vary from very dense to short or semi-long hair. In addition, they have an inner layer that protects them from the cold and rain.

The Carthusian cat puppy

They usually have an average of two young per litter. The baby Carthusian cat has a tabby coat and bluish eyes. After a few months, these features disappear, and their eye color changes to orange and their fur to gray. 

Character and behavior of the breed

In general, it is a breed with a very docile and quiet character since they usually meow very little. It is perfect for homes where children and the elderly live because they establish a very affectionate bond with the whole family. 

In addition, they can spend time alone without generating any problems, and if there are more animals at home, they quickly adapt to living with them.

How to feed a Chartreux cat according to its age?

Food is essential in the development of the Chartreux cat since a diet rich in animal proteins such as fish or meat contributes to healthy growth. 

Staged feeding

In the first four weeks of life, the Carthusian cat should take eight servings of breast milk every three hours a day. From the fourth week on, wet food will be introduced little by little to adapt to solid foods. 

However, their diet must be compensated for in adulthood since this cat breed tends to be overweight.

Carthusian cat health

The French Chartreux cat is characterized by being a robust cat with a longer life expectancy than other cats; however, they can suffer from some health problems, and it is essential to know them to avoid them.

Carthusian cat: Tips, care and characteristics

Typical health pathologies in this breed 

Another problem that they may suffer is the appearance of kidney stones, which cause an inflammation of the urinary tract, causing problems when urinating.     

How to prevent the above pathologies

Diabetes in Carthusian cats can be prevented with a diet supervised by the veterinarian. To avoid urinary diseases, you have to make sure that the dish is full of water since this cat needs to hydrate many times.


The care of the French Chartreux cat is essential for them to look as healthy as possible. To facilitate the best care, you must know your anatomy.


Although the Chartreux cat’s hair is dense, it is necessary to brush it once a week to prevent it from ingesting the accumulation of hair in its daily cleaning.


The skin is thick and contains an internal layer that protects them from the cold, so for its care, it is necessary to remove the dead hair so that it can sweat.


The ears of Carthusian cats tend to generate more earwax than other cats, so they must be periodically cleaned to avoid its accumulation. As for the eyes, the legañas must be removed with a serum to prevent eye infections.

Adoption of a Chartreux cat 

Adopting a Chartreux cat is one of the most enriching decisions you can make in your life, so when adopting a Carthusian cat, it is advisable to know some aspects:

  • Know the animal’s age to determine the type of feeding or care it needs.
  • If you have not been with people, adjusting will take a bit.
  • Spend as much time as possible with him to adjust and get to know his new home.