The problem with wet food is that finding quality food is essential. The one that we usually see in supermarkets is made up of cereals and by-products, which means that instead of benefiting our cat, it harms it, sometimes with weight gain and sometimes with more severe health problems.

Previously we talked about the benefits that wet food has for our cat, and today we will analyze what we should look for in its composition, and we will see some of our favorite brands.

What to take into account when choosing?

Complete or complementary food

Within the wet food, we can find complimentary food, which can be given 

in addition to your usual food, or complete food that by itself constitutes a balanced diet.

If we are looking for a wet food to combine with the feed, which is the most common, either of the two would be worth it. If our cat needs to feed exclusively on wet food or wants it to be, we must make sure that it is complete.

Another alternative to wet food if we want to replace feed is the BARF diet. So if you’re going to try set menus, I recommend Natuka’s, which have two varieties: turkey and rabbit or chicken and cow.


The cat is a strict carnivore, so we will look for cans composed mainly of meat or fish.

We will also flee from those that carry by-products and cereals that do not contribute anything; these ingredients only reduce the cost of production.

We will also check that they do not include preservatives, colorings, chemical flavorings, or sugars.

Our favorite brands


Retorn’s wet cat food comes in small cans of 80 grams and is a complete food that you can find in 7 different varieties.

All have a humidity between 70% and 82% and are made 100% with chopped meat and fish.


Naku’s complete diet is not precisely wet food if not dehydrated. Instead, we added the amount of food and water indicated and rested to prepare it.

I include it in this article because it can fit both as wet food and as I think due to its high percentage of humidity when adding water, which means that it is an additional source of hydration.

With the NAKU5 coupon, they will apply a 5% discount on the first purchase made through their website.


Again, another brand stands out for its great variety of recipes and formats. It has:

  • Six recipes of 75gr of meat and fish with fruit
  • 24 recipes in 70gr tin format
  • Six types of 70gr sachets
  • Eight types in a 50gr sachet
  • 16 types in a 100gr sachet (usually the cheapest)
  • 13 Multipacks of 6 cans of 50gr
  • 12 types of 140gr cans
  • 24 types of 85gr cans

As you can see, with this brand you certainly have a choice.

Cookies will

Again we talk about another brand of dehydrated food that serves as a complete food or as a complement to the usual diet. It is made with 33% dehydrated chicken breast and 33% dehydrated cod, 26% dehydrated fruits and vegetables, Chia, and Turmeric.

Discover the best brands of wet food for cats

Natural Greatness

In natural greatness, we find two wet food ranges, one complementary and the other complete.

The three varieties of the Complet range, which allow us to substitute the feed if necessary, come in a 200-gram format.

The complementary varieties come in a 70-gram format, and we can choose between 4 combinations.


KitCat cans are a complementary food that you can combine with the feed and find four varieties.


This brand, exclusive to Zooplus, is one of the brands we spend the most at home because Zelda and Link love it. Again it is a complementary food made with natural ingredients.

Cosma soup

We have recently tried this variety of Cosma at home, and they liked it. So the difference with the rest of the cans is that it has a lot of broth, that at least Zelda and Link, they take it delightfully.

It seems to be an ideal option for summer when hydration is even more important. It has 85% humidity and natural ingredients.

How to choose?

Once we know that a brand is a quality, the last word is our cat. He will have his preferences for flavors and textures.

Most quality brands come in chunk format, but some will also have pate varieties.

Benefits of wet food for our cats

It is common to hear that wet food makes our cats’ teeth fat or dirty, but we must banish these ideas and know the benefits of its combination with feed whenever we talk about quality products.

Benefits of wet food

  • Hydration: Wet food is always around 80% humidity, which helps to keep our cat better hydrated. This becomes more important in the summer months when the temperatures are higher and for those cats with kidney problems who find it difficult to drink water.
  • Low in fat: In addition, quality wet food has a fat percentage of around 6%, below the usual feed, including light ones. 
  • Composition:  The quality brands have a fairly high percentage of fresh meat or fish, around 70%, and do not contain cereals.
  • Without preservatives: Wet food usually undergoes a cooking and packaging process to be prepared and kept in perfect condition without using artificial preservatives.

Therefore, we see that wet food has many benefits, whether in pâté format or in pieces, and it is an ideal complement to combine with feed.

When choosing a quality wet food, we must check its labels to check, firstly, that it does not contain cereals or by-products and, on the other hand, if it is a complete food (which contains all the components that our cat needs in your diet) or is complementary.