Suppose you are an animal lover and cannot resist the temptation of having a second cat. In that case, we advise you to keep in mind the animal’s personality that already lives with you before bringing another member into your family. 

What aspects must you look at when choosing a second cat?

In the case of cats, gender is usually the least important. Age and personality are the key factors when choosing a second cat.

  • If you can choose between a litter of several kittens when adopting, avoid the most quarrelsome kittens. If you notice that they bristle with their companions or hiss, opt for one more submissive.
  • Do you prefer to adopt an adult cat? Success largely depends on your current cat’s personality: if she’s a laid-back cat and the new cat is also laid-back, you should have little trouble if you introduce them slowly and correctly. 

How to introduce two cats?

If you introduce two cats too quickly and it ends in a fight, they may never learn to coexist peacefully. That is why it is vitally important that you follow the following tips when introducing two cats :

Feed them separately if you can do it on opposite sides of the same door, even better. When they can eat quietly with the two bowls facing each other, open the door to see each other while they eat.

Let your new cat explore. Once the new cat is comfortable in her new surroundings, eating well, and using her litter box, move your old cat into another room and let the new cat explore the house. 

This allows the newcomer to contact the scent of the cat that already resides there without them having direct contact yet. Another option is to change the cat’s bedding overnight.

How to introduce two cats that are going to live together?

Keep a close eye on the cats’ first meeting and limit their time together first. They usually show fearful or aggressive behavior (crouching, hissing, ears back). If these behaviors escalate, separate the cats again and go back to step one.

If they do get into a fight, distract them and separate them. If they get 

into a fight, throw a towel over them (to distract them), or make a loud noise to break them up. 

Take the new cat back to his room (don’t pick him up while he’s still excited) and give them a few days to settle down. 

How long does it take two cats to get along?

Remember the significant change that the arrival of a new cat means for the pet that already lived with you and continues to offer him his daily routine and playtime with you. This adaptation process takes time. Be patient!:

  • Between 2-4 weeks if it is a kitten and an adult.
  • Between 4-6 weeks (or more) is about two adults.

What to do if things get complicated between two cats?

‘Success’ doesn’t necessarily mean your cats become the best of friends. Some cats bond with each other, while others spend the rest of their lives avoiding each other. So you have to keep in mind that either of these two situations can occur. 

So while following the protocol I’ve outlined above will maximize the chances of success, know that some cats never learn to coexist peacefully. So, for example, suppose you’ve followed the introduction process and don’t see any improvement after a month (especially if one cat is terrorizing or injuring another). 

In that case, it may be unrealistic to think it will work out long-term. In that case, keeping them permanently separated may be necessary for everyone’s safety.