Cats are adept at figuring things out for themselves, especially those on this list of the world’s most intelligent cat breeds.

Cats are naturally curious, great explorers, and good at creating a toy out of anything.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

Bobtail or short-tailed cats are rumoured to have come to Japan as gifts from the Emperor of China. Throughout the centuries, the Japanese Bobtail defended grains, the country’s worms against rats, and came to be seen as a good luck charm.

Since then, Japanese Bobtail cats have found their way into many homes worldwide, delighting their owners with their soft, bright voices. They have an impressive vocal range, but they are not that annoying. Still, they love it when their owners want to “have a conversation.”

To the Japanese Bobtails, they love to play with them. They are happily playing in the water, so you have to be careful with aquariums. They also enjoy a good challenge from a cat puzzle toy and have fun with a game of chase or a catfishing pole toy.

The Japanese BobtailsThey also become very fond of humans and are happy to be seated in a comfortable lap. Although they do not like to stay home alone for long periods, they travel easily. So if you plan to get out of the house for a while, bring your friend Bobtail.

Burmese Cat

The Burmese cats get attached to humans, so it’s best not to leave them alone. Therefore, they will be happy with another cat or a dog.

If you teach them tricks, Burmese cats will keep their minds active, and they will be happy to show off to your friends as they love to be the centre of attention. Burmese can learn to sit, roll over, search, or even walk on a leash.

The Burmese cats will follow you everywhere, and their tendency to explore means that they will know your home better than you quickly. They will want your attention quite often.

The Burmese cat was a favourite of the monks and kings of Siamese temples, and they were even mentioned in a 12th-century poem. The Burmese cats tend to live for long. In Australia, a Burmese cat lived to be 24 years old, which is the breed’s record.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cats are loud and are happiest when you talk to them. Siamese is glad to follow you and see what you do inquisitively while being friendly and talkative. Being intelligent, Siamese cats get bored if their minds are not stimulated. So you should always have something to keep them busy.

The most intelligent breeds of cats in the world

Scottish Fold Cat Or Scottish Fold

The lop-eared Scottish Fold cats are named after aren’t the only things that make this cat easily recognizable. You have probably also seen many photos of the Scottish Folds on the Internet with very expressive faces.

Maybe that’s because the Scottish Folds want to bond with humans, as they love being around people and doing activities. 

For the cat’s Scottish FoldThey love learning tricks and will expect you to play with them for a long time. Unfortunately, due to their need to be in the company of humans, it is not best to leave them alone for long. Instead, the Folds Scots prefer toys that keep them in shape or toys puzzles that test your intelligence.

Turkish Van Cat

Like the Abyssinian, the Turkish Van cats love to climb, but they are not skilled. They are vast and unkempt by cat standards and tend to throw things away, sometimes on purpose, to see what happens.

Due to its tendency to fall, a bathroom is a dangerous place for this cat breed.

However, they are smart enough to turn on the taps to drink or play with the water. That means they are more than capable of figuring things out independently, and they don’t like being held back. It is a breed in nature near Lake Van in Turkey, whence the Turkish Van gets its name.

If you wonder what mood they are in, the Van Turco cat’s nose acts as a “mood radar” as it turns red when disturbed. It is best to let them explore independently and give them toys that allow them to pretend they are pouncing on prey.

The Turkish Van is mythologized in Noah’s Ark from the biblical story of the world flood. 

Abyssinian Cat

If the best way to learn is by playing, Abyssinian cats are some of the best learners out there. They are breeds that can learn effectively by playing with small fetching objects, which they will love.

These cats love to jump and climb, so if you don’t have a cat tree, the Abyssinians will make one for themselves with your library, curtain, or whatever else they can climb up to the skies.

They are curious, and if something catches their attention, they can try to pick it up and investigate.