Is your cat not drinking enough water? How can you get him to drink more water? Are you worried that you have a dehydrated cat? From turning on the faucet to adding ice cubes to the water.

What to do so that your cat is more hydrated in summer?

Most cats do not drink enough water. Because they are so self-sufficient, we assume they know what is best for their health, and they often don’t. 

Getting a cat to drink more water should not concern us only when it shows dehydration symptoms. So that this situation does not occur, we give you some advice:

Switch to a diet with more wet food

Many times we have told you about the benefits of wet cat food. This is the easiest way to provide your cat with extra hydration. But if your cat doesn’t want to eat wet food, you can try adding water, ice cubes, or broth to the dry food.

Add ice to the drinker.

Many cats love cold water, so adding ice to the water bowl can be a good trick.

Serve smaller, more frequent meals.

Eating makes them thirsty, so it is advisable to increase the frequency of meals, reducing the amount of food to drink more water.

What can I do to make my cat drink more water in summer?

Place drinking fountains throughout the house.

It would be amazing if you made it easy for your cat to get hydrated by offering multiple waterers around the house. Try one of them as a refreshing drinker.

Open the tap

If your cat is attracted to running water, take this opportunity to get her to drink more! Open the faucet for a few minutes several times a day. Make it part of her morning and evening routine, for example, and you’ll be creating a great bonding time.

Using cat water fountains

Many cats like to drink water on the go. Fountains are attractive because the water stays cool.

We all drink more water, and your cat is no exception. Helping your cat drink more water brings many benefits. The more water you drink, the more you urinate, the healthier and happier you are.