Adding a furry family member is something to think about carefully before deciding. By adopting a cat, we commit ourselves to it for its entire life, which can be, on average, 15 years. 

The idea is to decide for the whole family since, in the end, it is something that affects everyone. So here are some things you have to consider before taking the step.

These things you should keep in mind before adopting a cat

It’s a cat and a spider:  Cats have a fundamental need to scratch, both to groom their nails and to mark their territory. If we do not give him a suitable place to do it, he will choose the most convenient one for him: our sofa, a piece of furniture.

Does this mean that he will destroy our house? No. But it will be necessary to teach him to use the places we want, such as the scraper.

It is also convenient that we get used to cutting nails from a young age since this will make things much more manageable.

We don’t even consider declawing. In addition to being unnatural, we have failed to teach our cat if we get to this point. So before getting to that, it is better to consult with a trainer who will give us the guidelines to follow so that our cat chooses the scratching post instead of the furniture.

Gatunizar the house:  When a cat comes home, it will be noticed in every corner.

  • If we want our cat to respect the furniture, we must have at least one scratching post in the house’s central area. If we leave the scratching post in a hidden location, our cat will put it aside and look for another place to fix its nails.
  • You will have to take certain precautions: nets on the windows, protect plugs, protect the ceramic hob, store the ornaments in danger on the shelves that you can access, etc.
  • Your house will be filled with toys, and most of the time, you won’t know where they are. They will appear where you least expect it.
  • Your radiators will become your cat’s favorite bed, and if you include a hanging bed, it will spend hours and hours there.

In addition, you will have to get used to living with hair wherever you go. Not only will your house be filled, but also your clothes. Despite the daily fight with a mop, vacuum cleaner, brushes … The hair will win the battle.

They involve many costs:  When we consider adopting, we only think about food and vaccination expenses, but our furry friend can be a much higher cost:

  • Veterinary expenses: Our cat may get sick in addition to the annual check-ups for vaccinations and quarterly deworming. It can be something specific, or you need medication all your life. In any case, they do not have Social Security, so this will mean a significant extra expense.
  • Food: If we look at supermarkets, we can find a feed of all prices, but we must bear in mind that, if we give low-quality food to our cat, it is very likely that, later, we will have to leave that saving in vet expenses. Also, cats are very gourmets, and they will decide what I think they like and what they don’t.
  • Cat accessories: By adopting a cat, you will begin to get into the world of sandboxes, scratchers, feeders, cribs, etc. In addition, you will have to buy litter trays (the ideal is to have as many as cats at home plus one, that is if we have a cat = two litter trays).

They need time:  Although we have always heard that cats are very independent, each is different. Anyway, whatever our cat is, he needs us to spend time with him. He is waiting for us to get home to claim the attention we could not give him while we were away. We will have to spend time stroking it, playing, brushing it, etc.

What will you do with it on vacation ?:  Before adopting any animal, we must consider what we will do with it when we go on vacation. If we are only absent from home for a weekend, we can probably leave our cat alone at home with enough feed and water, but if we are going to be absent for a longer time, we will have to find another solution.

The ideal solution is for someone you know to move into your house during those days or, at least, go for a while each day to clean the litter, check that it has fed, change the water and spend time with the cat keeping it company.

We can take our cat with us, but usually this is very stressful for them, and they have a tough time. So if the stay away is short, we will have to go home by the time he gets used to it.

There are residences for cats, but it will also be a very stressful situation for him, and he may not adapt well to living with other cats.

They are not a gift.

In addition, before adopting an animal (whatever it is), you should always keep these questions in mind:

  • They are not a gift. The person in question must decide to include an animal in your life; We can’t make such a gift without discussing it with her.
  • Never give an animal to a child. If you do, you should know that you are going to be responsible for that animal, and you are going to have to take care of it, both financially and taking care of it, educating it, spending time with it, etc.
  • It is a decision to be made by the whole family. A dog or a cat will change the life of everyone who lives in our house, even if at first it may not seem like it.
  • Don’t choose an animal based on its appearance. In both dogs and cats, the important thing is their character. If we decide to adopt an adult cat, we will not be surprised later.
  • Adopt! Every year the protectors collect thousands of animals of all sizes, ages, races, etc. Go to a reliable protector, and they will advise you on which animal best suits you based on its character and needs.