Keeping Pets Happy & Healthy in Hot Summer Weather

When summer comes around, we all start to feel hot and sticky. Our pets feel the heat too! As pet owners, it’s our job to make sure they stay cool, hydrated and comfortable even when temperatures climb. This guide shares tips to help dogs, cats, bunnies and other furry friends fully enjoy the summer without getting overheated.

How Pets Experience Summer Heat

Hot sunny days make pets feel just as uncomfortable as they do for us. They try hard to find ways to cool off when it gets too hot. Thick fur coats that keep them cozy in winter can cause them to get much too warm in the blazing sunshine. Pets that live indoors get bothered by stuffy, trapped heat inside too. Since pets can’t control their own environments, owners need to take charge to beat the summer heat for them. Making sure they have shade, fresh water, proper brushing and places to chill out is most important.

Keeping Pets Cool Indoors

There are easy things owners can do to make inside spaces less hot for pets in the summer. Helpful ideas include:

10 tips to keep your pet cool in summer

Use Fans to Circulate Air

  • Aim fans to maximize cool air flow, not blowing right on pet
  • Ceiling fans or rotating stand fans work well
  • Moving air stops heat building up inside

Provide Cool Spots to Lay

  • Wash pet beds; let fully dry before using in summer
  • Swap cotton beds for cool towel or mat instead
  • Move bed to naturally cooler area in house

Open Windows or Adjust AC for Fresh Air

  • Open windows overnight or early day to let in cooling breezes
  • Make sure AC properly reaches each room
  • Keep house temperature consistent

Keeping Pets Hydrated

Making sure pets get enough water is even more key when hot out. Tips to tempt drinking include:

Give Access to Fresh, Cool Water

  • Refresh water bowls 2-3 times daily
  • Place bowls in shady spots
  • Add ice cubes to keep chilled

10 tips to keep your pet cool in summer

Introduce Icy Treats

  • Make frosty pops with pet-safe ingredients
  • Freeze broth, fruit or snacks into ice cube trays
  • Try novel ice shapes to interest pets

Wet Food Has Moisture Too

  • Mix in wet food varieties at meals
  • Canned foods have highest water content
  • Still mainly feed high-quality kibble

Summer Grooming

Changing grooming habits in summer boosts comfort. Useful tips:

Regular Brushing is Key

  • Helps remove thick winter undercoat
  • Spreads skin oils around; stimulates circulation
  • Massaging while brushing further relaxes pets

10 tips to keep your pet cool in summer

Consider Summer Trims

  • Trim long hair around thighs, belly, ears & paws
  • Never shave down fully to skin or very short overall
  • Always leave at least 1 inch protect skin

Bathing Can Offer Quick Cooling

10 tips to keep your pet cool in summer

  • Use lukewarm water; avoid too hot or cold
  • Gently dry coat afterwards – air exposure cools further
  • Don’t bathe too often as strips natural oils

Exercising Smart in Heat

Adjusting play & exercise for heat prevents overheating. Useful tips:

Take Early Morning or Evening Strolls

  • Avoid afternoon walks when hottest out
  • Go on longer walks once cooler

Watch for Overheating Signals

  • Heavy panting, dry heaving, confusion
  • Stop activity right away if seen

Always Bring Water

  • Portable folding bowls perfect for walks & play
  • Reward pets with fresh water frequently

Choose Grass or Dirt Over Hot Asphalt

  • Walk dogs on nature trails when possible
  • Asphalt gets extremely hot; can burn paws

More Tips to Keep Pets Chill

Some other great ideas to keep pets comfortable at home:

Cool Them Down with Water Spritzes

  • Lightly mist fur then air dry
  • Focus on ears, paws and back
  • Avoid eyes, nose; don’t soak whole coat

Provide Cooling Mats or Towels

  • Place cooling mats or chilled towels to lay on
  • Intriguing textures; cycle out freezer towels

Pet Cool Mats

Set Up Indoor Hideaways

  • Place rest areas under tables or desks
  • Put bed inside cardboard box for privacy & shade

Keep Healthy in Hot Weather

Summer heat introduces health risks for pets. Staying alert aids prevention.

Watch for Heat Stroke Signs

  • Rapid panting, weakness, drooling
  • Gums go tacky or dry; may collapse
  • Rush to emergency vet

10 tips to keep your pet cool in summer

Limit Outdoor Time for Vulnerable Pets

  • Flat-faced dogs prone to overheating
  • Elderly, ill pets at higher risk
  • Monitor extra closely

Check Skin for Hot Spots

  • Red, intensely itchy patches
  • Often from fleas, allergies or damp fur
  • Treat quickly to avoid worsening

Control Fleas & Ticks

  • Warmer weather means more exposure
  • Use preventatives & do frequent skin checks
  • Address any presence immediately

Our pets depend on us to ensure their year-round comfort. Using these tips allows owners to tackle summer challenges head-on. Keeping pets hydrated, offering indoor & outdoor cooling spots, adjusting activities for heat levels keeps companions happy & avoids overheating so all enjoy summer to the fullest! Recognizing heat illness warning signs means quick response if needed. Meeting pet-specific needs guarantees the whole family stays healthy while beating the summer heat!