Are Heated Beds Safe for Your Dog?

Keeping Your Dog Safe and Cozy with Warm Heated Beds

When it gets chilly outside, pet owners look for ways to keep their dogs nice and warm inside. Special warm beds for dogs have become very popular. They provide extra warmth so dogs feel extra cozy and comfy. However, dog owners reasonably wonder if heated beds are truly safe and helpful for their pets. This guide talks all about warm dog beds – the good parts, what things to be careful about, recommendations to help owners make smart choices.

Why Warm Beds Can Be So Nice For Dogs

Warm dog beds can give therapeutic warmth and comfort. Especially good for dogs who get cold easily. Benefits include:

  • Soothing away aches in sore joints
  • Relaxing stiff, tight muscles
  • Getting healthy blood flowing
  • Allowing deeper sleep
  • Helping bodies maintain right temperature

Which Dogs Benefit The Most?

While any pup can enjoy a toasty bed, they help certain dogs the most:

Elderly Dogs

  • Often have joint pain, arthritis, stiff movements
  • Trouble keeping themselves warm enough
  • Warm beds provide comforting heat
  • Must monitor to prevent overheating

Dogs With Very Short Fur or Little Body Fat

  • Such as hairless breeds, small dogs, Greyhounds
  • No natural “coats” protecting against chill
  • Warm beds make up for low fur or fat
  • Can stay nice and warm inside and outside

Recovering or Rehabilitating Dogs

  • Warmth aids healing from injuries, surgery
  • Soothes away soreness and discomfort
  • Promotes restful sleep and relaxation

Are Heated Beds Safe for Your Dog?

Safety Tips for Using Heated Beds

While so cozy, beds do need special care to keep dogs safe.

Proper Supervision

  • Closely watch, especially early on
  • Look for overheating signs
  • Dogs may not be able to remove themselves

Trouble Adjusting Body Temperature

  • Short-nosed dogs prone to getting overly hot
  • Dogs on certain medications
  • Ask your vet if uncertain

Destructive Chewers

  • Avoid electric beds with parts that can be chewed
  • Use reinforced, chew-proof cords
  • Self-warming beds may be better option

Types of Warm Dog Beds

There are different types based on your needs, space and budget!

Electric Warm Beds

  • Must be plugged into wall outlets
  • Provide adjustable temperature options
  • Include automatic shut-offs
  • Offer controlled, consistent heat

Are Heated Beds Safe for Your Dog?

Self-Warming Beds

  • Use dog’s own body heat
  • Provide gentle warmth without electricity
  • Can be safely left alone
  • Not adjustable

Microwavable Heating Pads

  • Soften pads in the microwave first
  • Place inside any dog bed
  • Portable and wireless
  • Heat fades over hours
  • Easy to re-heat

Other Helpful Features

Aside from warmth controls, also consider:

The Right Size

  • Lets dogs get on and off
  • Gives full stretch out room
  • From small to giant

Waterproof, Tough Materials

  • Handles scratching, biting, dampness
  • Easy to clean slobber, fur, mud
  • For both indoor and outdoor

Removable Covers

  • Remove cover to clean and air out
  • Lengthens bed’s lifespan
  • Replace if damaged

Recommended Warm Dog Beds

These top heated beds are loved for good safety, durability and quality:

K&H Thermo-Mod Bed

  • Dual thermostats prevent overheating
  • Choice of comfy, removable covers
  • Rugged, chew-proof cord

K&H Outdoor Warm Bed

  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes soft fleece top
  • Puncture and weather resistant

PetFusion Electric Lounger

  • Certified safe with auto shut-off
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly
  • Great for indoors and outdoors

Using Warm Beds Safely

While such a comfort, warm beds need special care.

Prevent Overheating

  • Never leave dog alone on bed
  • Keep away from room heaters/sun beams
  • Ensure they also have cool-down areas

Avoid Chewing Dangers

  • Redirect any destructive chewing
  • Remove cords if unwatched
  • Select steel wrapped cords

Create Positive Experiences

  • Slowly introduce to bed
  • Pair with yummy treats
  • Never force dog onto bed

Regular Vet Checkups

  • Watch for odd irritation, discomfort
  • Consult vet about recurring issues
  • Inform vet of any new beds

Warm Beds Complement Care

While providing soothing comfort, warm beds complement other care advised by vets like medicines, exercise, proper diet.

Heated beds can safely and comfortably keep dogs super warm and cozy. Those benefiting most are usually elderly pups, small breeds prone to chill, and recovering/rehabilitating dogs. Responsible owners should consider pros and cons for their specific dog. With smart choices and proper supervision, even delicate dogs can delight in the pleasures of snuggling into heavenly warmth while staying safe.