Heart Beat Toys

Heartbeat toys for dogs are becoming increasingly popular in the pet industry, and it’s simple to see why. Although many pet owners have had success with these toys, not everyone is aware of what they are or how they operate.

Read on if you’re seeking a natural technique to calm your new pet. 

What Is a Puppy Heartbeat Toy?

A Puppy Heartbeat Toy is a toy that stimulates the heartbeat of a puppy. A plush animal friend that makes an audible heartbeat sound is known as a puppy heartbeat toy. You can also use heartbeat toys to assist your puppy sleep through the night or reduce weeping and whining during crate training. 

A tiny pouch with a plastic heartbeat simulator is usually included with the toy. As they adjust to their new home, puppies may find the constant vibrations of the heart and the warmth of the plush toy soothing. For enhanced comfort, some products include a slight warming pack.

The Science of Dog Heartbeat Toys

Heartbeat toys can help pet owners to appeal to a dog’s natural inclinations by simulating snuggling with littermates. Warmth, softness, and a rhythmic heartbeat are common elements in most designs.

The combination is designed to assist puppies in adjusting to new habitats, calm dogs of all ages in stressful situations (such as vehicle journeys or thunderstorms), and train puppies in new routines and behaviors without causing them undue distress (think crate training).

Benefits of a Puppy Heartbeat Toy

According to an expert, the notion behind the puppy heartbeat toy is based on information from human medicine, which shows that skin-to-skin contact between mother and infant reduces stress in neonates. However, not all puppies will find the toy soothing, as it is a matter of personal preference.”

Though heartbeat toys are most commonly associated with puppies, they can be enjoyed by dogs of all ages. A heartbeat toy, for example, is unlikely to soothe a dog who is afraid of loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks. “A dog with a phobia has an unreasonable dread,” she explains. “Irrational fear is unlikely to be reduced by the heartbeat and warmth.”

It’s also worth remembering that puppy heartbeat toys aren’t designed to be chewed on. “Leaving a toy with a puppy overnight poses a risk if the puppy likes to chew on his toys,” Pet expert warns. Depending on the materials used, the heat pack could cause a thermal or chemical burn to the puppy.

If your puppy begins to chew on the toy, remove it for a short time and return it later. Rep the procedure until your dog associates the toy with cuddling time.

Heart Beat Toys

Best Heartbeat Dog Toys

Whether you’re looking for a product to help with anxiety, whining, loneliness, or barking, a heartfelt dog toy can help.

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Toy

The first few nights in a puppy’s new home, all he can think about are his littermates. The SmartPetLove Snuggle toy is made entirely of natural materials and is fashioned like a genuine puppy to provide much-needed reassurance.

A safe and disposable warming kit is also included to encourage a puppy to cuddle. The beating heartbeat is powered by two AAA batteries and lasts up to two weeks.

Moropaky Heartbeat Dog Training Toy for Separation Anxiety

The Moropaky Puppy Toy is an easy-to-use heartbeat dog toy that features a pulsating gadget that mimics an actual heartbeat. Your pet will appreciate sleeping close to the toy, which is made of pet-friendly, comfy materials.

The toy has an undetectable zipper that allows you to install and remove the cardiac stimulator easily. Use this lovely piece the next time you feel your pet requires a living companion.

Paws Dog Heart Beat Sheep Toy

All For Paws has established itself as a trustworthy business dedicated to providing high-quality products for pets and owners. This is one of their dog toys, and it has a lot of functions for a nervous, confused, or fearful puppy.

It’s composed of ultra-soft cotton and features a tummy that emits a quiet heartbeat to entice your dog and help him relax. By pressing the button on the sheep’s stomach, the sound can be enabled.

SmartPetLove Behavioral Aid Dog Toy

The Snuggle Kitty is similar to the Snuggle Puppies, but it has an added feature that improves its functionality. This heartbeat dog toy is ideal for orphaned cats and surrogate mothers, as it includes an area large enough to hold a feeding bottle.


If you have a pet at home, you should try a heartbeat dog toy to soothe your dog. These toys can be used while training your pet. You’re dog while shifting them into a new home.