The Siberian husky is the ideal pet for families with children because of its playful and friendly nature. Know the characteristics of this dog, who does not need much care except daily exercise and weekly brushing.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is a working dog native to the Siberian steppe, similar to the gray wolf. It belongs to a breed of robust dogs very resistant to low temperatures bred by the Chukchi tribe, located in eastern Siberia, which was used both to pull sleds and take care of the family, especially children. They were almost revered dogs who were treated with great respect and affection.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this breed arrived in the first cities of Alaska, founded due to the gold rush. It immediately became essential for animals to survive the harsh winters in that area due to their docile, loyal and hard-working character and incredible strength as a sled dogs.

The husky is a pet that maintains many behaviors and morphological characteristics that remind us that we are dealing with an ancestor of the wolf, for example, that it howls instead of barking, that it prefers to live in a pack or its physical appearance. It has a very dense coat of hair, always in two tones, essential to withstand the low temperatures of the frozen and desert places from which it comes. 

However, it is surprising how well it adapts to any temperature. Keep in mind that it sheds its hair twice a year when it will shed a lot of hair and need several brushings a day, so it is not a recommended dog for someone obsessed with not having hair everywhere.

The light blue color of their eyes stands out in most specimens. Many may even have one eye of each color, usually brown and blue. Its playful, affectionate, and not aggressive personality makes it a good option if we look for a pet to live with children.

Siberian Husky

The behavior of the Siberian husky

He’s very trusting around strangers, so he’s not the ideal watchdog. He is very friendly, and loneliness bores him, so much so that he needs constant company, be it human or animal, so it is not advisable to leave the husky alone for a long time inside the house. It is a very active dog that needs to run and do a lot of exercises, it saddens him not to move, so we should consider if we are going to be able to cover this vital need before joining our family.

The Siberian husky already shows signs of its personality and energy from puppyhood. It is essential to know his needs and establish a clear hierarchy at home so that future relationships with him are excellent: at home, it must be clear who the leader is. It is a docile and obedient dog trained from the beginning.

Tips for buying a Siberian husky

As always, adoption is the most supportive (and recommended) way to get a pet since we offer a second chance to evicted animals. But if, for whatever reason, we prefer to buy a Siberian husky or any other breed of dog, we must take into account who sells the animal. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to contact a breeder who offers guarantees and practices good ethics. 

They must answer all the doubts we may have in the kennel and do so with common sense, demonstrating a proper knowledge of the breed. Being told about the positive and negative aspects of this type of dog is a good sign that we are dealing with a professional.

Siberian Husky

We must also check that both the animals and the facilities they live in have all the papers in order and the appropriate hygienic and sanitary conditions. It will be positive to find recreational places for the dogs and the kennel to have retired specimens, both for breeding and exhibitions since it will clearly show that they care about their dogs.

Also, note that we can only take the dog home if it is more than two months old, as it is necessary for the puppies to spend that minimum time with their mother to avoid future socialization and behavior problems. If the breeder allows us to take the animal before, we must bear in mind that he is not thinking about what is best for the dog but that he only seeks to save money on food and vaccines. 

We cannot forget the importance of signing a purchase contract and having the invoice and, if applicable, the pedigree to avoid unpleasant surprises and be able to claim if necessary.