Keeping Dogs Warm With Soft Heated Blankets

Keeping Dogs Warm With Soft Heated Blankets

When the weather gets cold, dogs get chilly just like humans do. Giving them extra warmth during winter keeps them comfortable and healthy. Heated dog blankets offer nice cozy heat to keep pets warm inside or outside. This guide looks at the types, features, recommendations, and usage tips for these comfy blankets for dogs.

What Heated Dog Blankets Are & How They Work

Heated dog blankets are blankets designed just for dogs that give off nice warmth. They have special heating inside that creates a comfortable temperature, usually around a dog’s body temperature. Most plug into electricity, while others heat up using the dog’s own body heat. There are many styles to choose from based on your needs. The blankets keep dogs warm and cozy whether inside on cold tile or cement floors, or outside in chilly weather or overnight. But the blankets need to be supervised and used safely.

Types Of Heated Dog Blankets And How They Provide Warmth

Heated dog blankets come in two main ways of giving off warmth – electric and self-heating. Each works differently with its own benefits.

Electric Heated Dog Blankets

– Power from plugging into an outlet heats hidden wires inside blanket
– Let you adjust the heat to the perfect temperature
– Heats up fast, stays warm as long as powered on
– Need supervision due to electrical parts
– Can use indoors or outdoors

Self-Heating Dog Blankets

– Use the dog’s own body heat to warm up naturally
– Give gentle, consistent warmth using dog’s heat
– Safer for dogs who chew since no wires or electric parts
– Give natural warmth controlled by dog’s body temperature
– Best for indoor use

Choosing the Right Heated Dog Blanket – Key Features To Look For

With the wide range, consider important features when picking the best heated blankets for your dog.

Safety Features

– Auto shut-off so don’t get too hot
– Chew-proof cords on electric kinds
– Inner wiring safely protected
– Adjustable temperature settings
– Resists water if using outside

High Quality & Sturdy Materials

– Long-lasting outside fabric (fleece, flannel, etc.)
– Inside wiring and heating elements fully covered and protected
– Won’t easily pill or shred from claws or chewing

Right Size For Dog

– Sized appropriately for dog’s size
– Lets them move freely, not too snug or big

Easy To Take Care Of

– Removable outer covers for washing
– Detachable heating parts on electric ones
– Materials hold up well to machine washing

Recommended Top Heated Dog Blankets

With so many available, here are top-rated electric and self-heating blankets for dogs.

Top Electric Model Heated Blankets

K&H Thermo Cushy Bed

K&H Thermo Cushy Bed


– Cushioned orthopedic foam base, dual temperature controls
– Great for outdoor kennels or cold concrete floors
– Removable fleece cover is machine washable
– 1-year warranty

Petsafe Outdoor Warmed Dog Bed

– Resists water & weather for outdoor use
– Padded sides for cozy comfort
– Can also use indoors
– Steel-wrapped cord dogs can’t chew

Milliard Memory Foam Heated Dog Bed

– Supports joints with egg-crate orthopedic foam
– Removable soft, warm faux sherpa cover
– Excellent for elderly or arthritic dogs
– Use dryer to re-heat

Top Self-Heating Blanket Models

K&H Self-Warming Lounge Pet Bed

K&H Thermo Cushy Bed

– For small, medium & large dogs
– Very soft, cozy microfleece fabric
– Reflective inside sends body heat back
– No cords or electrical parts

Pawchie Microwave Self-Heating Pet Bed

– Great for cats, small dogs, toy breeds
– Super soft, plush faux lambswool
– Folds for crates, carriers
– Machine washable fabric

Pet Magasin Self-Warming Thermal Pet Bed

– From small up to XX-large sizes
– Reusable heat discs reflect body warmth
– Sturdy shape resists flattening
– Waterproof floor layer

Staying Safe & Taking Care of Heated Dog Blankets

While heated blankets are comfy, follow guidelines to use properly and safely.

– Always watch your dog when using
– Make sure no cords or wires exposed
– Follow temperature guides, test first
– Watch for irritation or getting too hot
– Train dogs not to chew wires or bed
– Regularly check for damage
– Unplug electrics when not used
– Carefully wash removable covers as directed
– Don’t place on other heat sources

To make heated blankets last:

Electric Blankets

– Unplug fully before storing or travel
– Inspect wires for damage before each use
– Spot clean covers, delicate cycle for removables
– Remove heating parts if possible, store separately
– Fully dry parts before putting back together

Self-Heating Blankets

– Brush debris off between washes
– Immediately spot treat stains
– Machine wash delicate cycle, fully dry
– Fluff filling so stays thick & warm
– Replace if leaking filling or tears

Heated dog blankets give needed warmth on cold days and nights. Choosing blankets with safe, adjustable heat, quality materials, right size, and easy care keeps dogs resting warm for years. Following usage and care guidelines keeps pets safe and extends blanket life. With so many choices, picking the best heated electric or self-warming blanket for your furry friend is now simple.