The Belgian Malinois is the most active of the Belgian Shepherds, a knowledgeable dog that requires long walks and intellectual stimulation. Playful, noble, and affectionate, it is the ideal companion for the most athletic.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

If you are looking for an active, loving, and intelligent pet, the Malinois is your dog. Although, when we talk about the Belgian Shepherd, we must differentiate the four varieties that there are and that, according to the American Kennel Club, make up a single breed. Despite this, most canine clubs do not allow such varieties to be crossed.

The four varieties of Belgian Shepherd differ mainly by the hair, varying in color, texture, and length, and are:

  • The Belgian Malinois or Belgian Sheepdog:

    its hair is short and fawn in color (light brown, similar to that of a deer).

  • The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois:

    also has a fawn tone, but his hair is hard and medium length.

  • The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael:

      its coat is long and black.

  • The Belgian Tervuren Shepherd:

      This variety is brown and black and has a long, bushy jacket.

Origin of the Belgian Malinois

The origin of the Belgian Malinois is inevitably mixed with the history of the other Belgian Shepherd varieties. All classes of this breed were dogs that shepherds and farmers used during the 19th century to help them care for their flocks. The Belgian Shepherd, regardless of its variety, was considered a lower-class sheepdog. It was known as a working dog and not as a purebred dog. Something changed in 1910 when it was achieved, after many controversies, to specify the characteristics of the different breed varieties.

Dogs of the Malinois variety were bred mainly in the city of Mechelen (Belgium). From the 19th century to the present day, this type of Belgian Shepherd has been the favorite of many Belgian citizens. 

This variety has always been the one that has shown the most accessible training and the one with the most work capacity, characteristics that it continues to maintain today, as it loves to learn new things that make it feel helpful and busy.

The behavior of the Belgian Malinois

Because its origin is linked to the care of herds, this dog is an excellent watchdog. It would help if you had a lot of daily activity. They are athletic, active, agile, and will always be on the go and ready to play at any time. If he is well socialized, he will love playing with all kinds of dogs and, of course, going for a run with his owner.

The Malinois is the most active and tireless variety of all Belgian Shepherds. In addition to its great courage, this dog also stands out for its high intelligence, making educating and training not complicated. It is also one of the most hard-working. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more police forces are incorporating this breed into their work teams.

However, we must not forget that everything hard-working and intelligent is also affectionate. It is a very faithful and sweet dog and will need reciprocity from its family to feel loved.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Tips for Buying a Belgian Shepherd Malinois

If you want to add a Belgian Malinois to your family, you must first have some apparent aspects. First of all, you will have to spend a lot of time with it. It is a highly active dog, so you will have to take it out several times a day (minimum three), and one of these outings must be at least one hour. He will need to run freely, smell, and interact with other dogs, so you should live in an area that allows you to access those wide spaces. 

If you don’t spend enough time for your friend to burn off energy, they are probably a stressed dog with behavior problems, in addition to the fact that, due to his anxiety, he may destroy the odd piece of furniture in the house.

Also, you will not only have to spend time on walks, but you will also have to stimulate it intellectually. Unfortunately, they need mental challenges to feel valuable and busy due to their incredible intelligence. They love agility training and testing. In this way, if you are not an active person and you do not have enough time daily to attend, go for a walk, and teach your furry friend new things, it is better that you do not have a Malinois.

Also, although his hair is short, he tends to fall out constantly. Therefore, if you are a conscientious person or suffer from an allergy, it is also better not to introduce this breed into your family.

When buying a Belgian shepherd, housing is another aspect to consider because these dogs need ample space not to feel caged. The ideal is to have a garden or a large terrace where they can go out and sunbathe without forgetting the economic aspect. Although it is not a breed that requires great care (its hair is short), it is true that, as it is a medium-large dog, its maintenance costs will be higher than those that a small breed dog can suppose. For this reason, if you do not have job stability or you are not doing very well financially, please do not commit to taking in a Malinois, as you may not be able to provide the care it needs correctly.

Physical characteristics to look for when acquiring a Belgian Malinois shepherd

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The size of the Malinois should be medium-large, and its muscles thin and robust. The structure of your body should be square. The Malinois is the only variety of the Belgian Shepherd that has short hair. Hair that should be more abundant on the neck and tail. While on the channel, the fur draws a collar that gives this breed an elegant air. That of the bottom makes it look like a spike.

The Malinois color is fawn (light brown) mixed with black in some areas. The mask, for example, must be completely black. Its head should be long and slender and support erect small, triangular ears. The eyes should also be dark in color and almond-shaped.

The price of a Belgian Malinois will vary greatly depending on where we buy it (in case we were unable to adopt it). So, while in individuals we can find it for 200 euros, in professional breeders, the price of some specimens with pedigree can amount up to 2,000 euros.