The West Highland white terrier, known as a westie, is a friendly and balanced dog that can become the best playmate for your children. Find out if it is the ideal pet for your home and what care it needs.

White terrier

The West Highland white terrier or westie is a breed of dog characterized by a friendly and balanced character, which makes it a great companion for households with children. 

It is also a dog that, in general, is in good health and does not require specific care beyond that required by any other breed: a good dose of affection, common veterinary control, an adequate diet, and the possibility of enjoying a moderate but constant exercise.

The breed called West Highland white terrier owes its name to its origin: the highlands of western Scotland. And although there are various theories about its origin, they all point to the end of the 19th century as the first white terrier, a descendant of the Cairn Terrier, was raised. Its purpose was none other than to serve as a hunting dog, distinguishing itself from its prey by color to avoid accidents by hunters.

Also known as westie or Scottish white terrier, it physically stands out for a very bright white coat, similar to that of snow, and an approximate weight of between 6 and 10 kilos, with an average height of about 30 centimeters. Its body is robust and compact, which does not prevent a graceful walk and a sweet appearance, similar to a teddy bear. 

Its small and pointed ears and an erect tail around 12-15 centimeters in length stand out—their life expectancy averages around 14 years.

Westie behavior

Proper socialization allows its caregivers to enjoy a friendly and playful character and balance, making it an ideal companion in homes with children. 

Tomás Familiar Morán stands out, a breeder with the Pizpiretas kennel, who once he reaches adulthood “is calm at home, and is activated when going for a walk, but he is not a dog characterized by running a lot, or having the need to travel long distances.” 

White terrier

The breeder adds that he is a curious dog and a bit tenacious, in addition to being affectionate without becoming “heavy” with his caretaker.

Tips for buying a westie

Before deciding to live with a dog such as the West Highland White Terrier (white terrier of the western highlands), it is best to assess whether we are going to be able to meet the needs of that animal in terms of time and care, as well as if we have adequate economic and logistical resources. 

Adoption is the ideal option when adding a new member to the family, but if our decision is firm on the purchase of a westie, is for any reason is, there are some considerations to take into account to make a purchase safe. 

In the first place, the most reliable thing is to go to a specialist in the breed: he must have a kennel, better if he is exclusively dedicated to the West Highland White Terrier breed, and he must offer us guarantees on the chosen specimen.

White terrier

In addition, the recommendation of the breeder Tomás Familiar Morán is to visit the puppy’s parents, observe its appearance, character, morphology, and health and, of course, opt for a recognized breeder, with a pedigree from the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

This expert explains that “you should avoid shopping over the Internet or by phone, as well as through multi-breeders, dog farms and imported puppies of dubious origins,” he says, adding that the animals should be controlled and vaccinated. by a vet before delivery.