Dogs should exercise daily to release energy, have fun, and stay healthy. Discover the most appropriate activities and sports for your pet according to its breed, physical shape, age, and preferences.

Dog Exercise

The exercise is for the dog a vital need. As caregivers, we can not stop covering. Instead, they are animals with a lot of energy that, if not channeled correctly, end up causing behavioral problems or emotional imbalances, in addition to increasing the risk of developing diseases that deteriorate their health. 

We explain why physical exercise is essential for the dog, what are canine activities and sports available to you, and based on what recommendations you should choose the most appropriate for your pet.

Why exercise is vital for the dog?

Physical exercise is essential for the dog, both for its physical well-being and mental health. The manager of the canine training and education company RUDOG, explains that this is so because the practice of exercise “helps the dog to develop its skills and prevent behavior problems, as well as being a good way to channel the energy of our faithful friends and maintain their emotional balance, avoiding in part the appearance of stress or anxiety.” 

In addition, the lack of physical activity significantly increases the possibility that you are overweight or obese, or problems with your joints and muscles, among others.

A short ten-minute walk around the block is not enough exercise for a dog. Our companion has a lot of energy and needs us to dedicate a little more attention to him every day, so it is vital that before deciding on the adoption or purchase of a dog, we analyze the amount of time that we can dedicate to guarantee his well-being. “In general, the recommended daily exercise is 30 to 60 minutes, but at the same time, it is also necessary for the animal to carry out some mental wear so that it is a satisfied and happy dog,” Angela clarifies.

As inadvisable is the absence of exercise as the excess. According to this expert, a dog that performs excessive physical activity “has a great probability of developing high levels of stress and anxiety, so the ideal is a routine of moderate physical exercise, combined with mental stimulation and obedience exercises.” And it clarifies that there are many ways for our dogs to exercise and that they do not have to go through the practice of too specific sports. Some examples are long walking, playing with other dogs, and collecting or sniffing games.

But do all dog breeds need to get the same amount of exercise and the same types? The answer is no. As a general rule, large species tend to require a higher dose of physical activity than smaller breeds of dogs. But, of course, the type and quantity will also be influenced by the animal’s age and its state of health. So, for example, for an elderly dog, exercise is also essential. Still, it must be taken into account that these exercises must be of low impact or intensity and adapted to their capacities.

Types of games and activities for dogs

Let’s ask Ángela Morchón, the RUDOG canine training, and education company, for the best activities to do daily with our dog. She is clear: walks, games, and mental stimulation activities. 

The formula to achieve the well-being of our pets is not complicated, but it requires time and dedication. But, of course, if our partner is not used to doing any type of exercise, it is necessary to do it gradually so that the animal does not suffer any kind of injury or, of course, stress or exhaustion. 

It is also advisable to consider the health of the animal, its size and age, so as not to overload it or, on the contrary, that it suffers from a lack of activity.

Dog Exercise

Exercises for dog physical activity


A long daily walk can be very beneficial for the dog and us. As far as possible, the idea is that these walks be intense, between 30 minutes and an hour, and, above all, constant. But, of course, it must be combined with other activities: games, races, sniffing, knowing new places.

Many animals take daily walks, usually short or low intensity, as the only physical activity in their day to day. This is insufficient for particular dogs, so it is advisable to complement it with some other type of activity.


Another excellent activity for our dog is play. A lot of imagination is not necessary. Simple games like throwing objects will suffice. The ideal is that we throw a ball or a safe thing (better if it is a toy specifically designed for that purpose) and avoid throwing sticks since they can cause serious injuries. With this type of exercise, you will deplete energy and strengthen the bond with your faithful friend.

Play with other dogs

It is difficult to find our dogs’ playmates in large cities and small population centers. Running, chasing each other, and jumping one on top of the other, are the favorite games between dogs. In addition to being fun and significant physical activity, peer play allows them to interact with other animals and develop their social skills.