Zipcode Zoo was established based on the following guiding principles:

  1. To create trustworthy content that is accurate and related to nature
  2. Spread knowledge and awareness on the topics related to animals and nature

We try hard not to add any false or misleading information to this site through an editorial process. We make this happen by doing research and updating every piece of information.

Following is the information that we have expanded on further that will guide you more on Zipcode Zoo’s guiding principles.

  • Accuracy

On every single page of the Zipcode Zoo website, we have well-researched, fact-checked, and weighed-up information that is up-to-date and correct.

On every single page, the encyclopedic sources are used to include only accurate information which is then passed through the editorial process to make it weighed-up and vetted. We aim to provide you with the information that you enjoy while exploring and trust every bit of it.

  • Education

Zipcode Zoo educates people in a manner that never makes them bored, instead, we entertain our readers and try to add interesting aspects to the topics that we cover. This way, people enjoy exploring new topics and enhancing their knowledge about the familiar ones. We do this by doing research from various authentic sources, which may or may not be available online, and spreading factual information.

  • Regarding AI-generated Content

We truly believe that the dissemination of accurate information is an enormous responsibility, therefore, we carry out identity verification of the authors that contribute to adding content to our website. We are committed to providing you with quality and authentic information and all content on behalf of Zipcode Zoo goes through rigorous testing. This rigorous testing involves AI detection and the content is only approved when evaluated by each site’s editors. Zipcode Zoo never tolerates the use of artificial intelligence except when this content is created under the supervision of human editors. The reader will be notified if content is created through artificial intelligence.

  • Zero-Tolerance for Plagiarism

Zipcode Zoo has a strict policy of not publishing plagiarised content and utilizes tools to ensure that the published content is original, well-researched, and useful for the users.

  • Corrections Policy

We strictly comply with our corrections policy which lets us rectify our content and update on time. We also fact-check the information and correct the errors that are pointed out by our readers in the feedback. Please feel free to contact us when you find out any errors in the content.

  • Affiliate Disclosure

Zipcode Zoo contains certain pages which have affiliate links to the websites that sell products. Readers are informed of these affiliate links from websites like Amazon or Chewy and are not referred to without prior knowledge. Zipcode Zoo may also earn a small commission from these websites in certain cases if the user purchases a product from these sites. The commission we get never raises the price of the product for the user but only allows us to further our efforts in providing you with good content.

We appreciate you for getting to know about our editorial policy. If you have feedback for us, you can contact the Zipcode Zoo editorial team.