When we acquire a pet, we must take into account many things. The main ones are always their basic needs if we have time for them and money to provide them with a suitable home and a healthy and balanced diet.

Fish are an ideal pet for those who do not have enough time to take a dog for a walk or leave the hamster loose at home under supervision. They are also excellent as the first pet for children, since they can learn gradually and little by little, the great responsibility of having an animal in the home.

However, when we have fish at home, we want them to be in good condition and make your aquarium look beautiful and in tune with our home. Therefore, we can do everything possible so that the aquariums are well-conditioned for our pets, always clean and beautiful. Learn how to achieve it in 5 simple steps and tips.

An aquarium is always clean

The first of the tips and steps is that when we acquire our fish, we must think about hot or cold water. This factor is significant since the aquarium will have one measure or another and must be close to a source of electricity or not.

Considering the measurements of the aquarium, we will have to think about where in the house we will put it, thinking if it looks nice in that place or if we should think about another situation. 

He believes that not only should it look good at home, but it should be a place where it is not too cold or too hot, there are no drafts, it is not dangerous for anyone, and it cannot be affected by another pet, for example, if we have a dog or cat at home, who might try to get the fish out of it.

Thus, once we have the aquarium, the fish, and the place in the home where to put it, the first step to ensure that our aquarium is always beautiful is spotless. 

Think that it is stagnant water, where you throw food that sometimes the fish do not finish and that they also relieve themselves in it, so the water will have a tendency to get dirty quickly and no matter how much you have an automatic cleaning system, at least Once a week, you should remove everything that is in the aquarium, including the fish, and clean it thoroughly with specific products so as not to harm the animals.

5 steps to have a beautiful aquarium

The stones at the bottom of the aquarium

To make our fish feel more comfortable, we will try to simulate the bottom of the sea in our aquarium. To do this, we will buy or take white or beige stones, not necessarily the same size, and place them at the bottom of the fish tank.

We can also place shells to make them more beautiful and algae, which are alive and serve as decoration and food for our fish. Then we can continue with the following steps and tips.

Large stones and rocks

Once we have placed the small stones or shells for the fish tank base, we can start decorating our aquariums to make them more beautiful. Usually, large, smooth or porous rocks are used, and they are placed alternately throughout the aquarium.

Our steps and tips depend on how big your fish’s new home is. You can place more or fewer stones. Remember that it is OK to look nice, but fish also need to feel comfortable.

We use porous stones if we want the aquarium to remind them more of their natural environment. We can them in such a way that they leave space to move without problems, without getting stuck between them or without damaging themselves. 

You must bear in mind that they have to be well fixed in the bottom of the aquarium so that they do not move and can create unexpected accidents.

Plants and algae

As we mentioned, we can place algae or specific plants in aquariums decorating them and making the fish feel more comfortable in their new home. 

Remember that you cannot put any plants or algae inside the aquarium, so you should consult with the pet specialist to recommend which ones are best for your fish, knowing what breed they are and if they are cold or hot water.

These plants or algae will also need maintenance, and you may need to change them whenever necessary. 

In addition, it is likely that they must be cared for specially and that they are well placed inside the aquarium so that your fish feel comfortable, they cannot hurt themselves, and it does not bother them in terms of space or visibility to be happy in their new home.

Plastic accessories

There are many plastic accessories on the market to place in the aquarium whose function is merely to decorate it. You should not buy too many, since the aquarium must be beautiful, but it is more important that your fish feel comfortable inside it and live healthy and happy with you for a long time.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask your pet’s health professionals for help on the most suitable plastic accessories for your type of fish, their needs, and your aquarium. 

You must bear in mind that the more you have, you will also have to clean and remove them from the aquarium weekly, so it will be one more obligation to take into account the care of your new pet.

Although the fish requires less care than other types of pets, such as the dog or the cat, this does not imply that you should not take care of it in the same way and that you should not pay the same attention. 

So, for example, suppose you want your child to learn the responsibility of having a pet. In that case, you must lead by example and have a beautiful aquarium and be in perfect condition with healthy and happy fish.