Thanks to ‘Finding Nemo,’ the clownfish may be the most famous tropical fish. Its orange and white coloration makes it an attractive fish for our aquarium, but beware! They are territorial and not very friendly.

Characteristics of the clownfish

The clownfish is very popular, especially the Amphiprion ocellaris, well known among the little ones thanks to the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo.’ Its character is not particularly friendly, and it is quite territorial, but its attractive appearance and uniqueness make it the preferred choice of many aquarium enthusiasts. 

Although fish are suitable animals for children, it is advisable to think that in the end, the care and expense fall on adults, so before going home with one, it is best to analyze if we will be able to maintain their well-being.

Clownfish originate from the Red Sea and the Pacific and Indian Oceans, especially Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. These fish measure an average of 10 centimeters and barely weigh 10 grams. They stand out for their orange color (which can vary depending on the species) and three white stripes distributed along their body.

In freedom, we do not find them beyond a depth of 10 or 15 meters. The reason is none other than their harmonious coexistence with anemones, a relationship from which both benefit, “symbiotic relationships.” The clownfish feed on the anemone and, in addition, it protects it. The anemone, for its part, finds the nutrients it needs from the fish’s feces.

Clownfish behavior

One of the main characteristics of the clownfish is that it is a reasonably territorial fish. In the wild, they are organized hierarchically, with the largest and most aggressive female being the group leader. When that female dies, the most prominent male after her will be if she takes her place by transforming into a female. 

So the groups are usually made up of a female and several males. It is a rather curious animal with restless behavior. Perhaps that is why Disney decided to choose Nemo as his film’s protagonist. If you are going to choose it as your pet, keep reading some tips about this fun fish.

Characteristics of the clownfish

Tips for buying a clownfish

If you decide to have a clownfish as a pet, you must take into account several essential aspects before: are you going to be able to keep it financially month by month? Do you have time for food and care? Is there someone who can take care of my fish if I am absent? Only if the answer is yes to those three questions should you ask yourself taking an Amphiprion ocellaris (clownfish) home.

Clownfish require us to recreate their habitat to ensure their well-being. For this, we have many options in the aquarium market, equipment, brands … One of the most economical and easy to implement choices would be that of the Hydra filter aquarium kits, since they are simple and work very well, so they are ideal for both experts and those who are new to the world of aquariums.

These types of packages include the aquarium itself with led lighting, a heater (the water must be at a temperature of 24 to 30 degrees), a Hydra filter and salt, and its price ranges between 120 and 150 euros depending on its capacity. (25 or 45 liters). In addition, it is advisable to add marine base rock at a kilo per liter, costing between 10 and 20 euros per kilo, depending on the qualities and maturation.

And, of course, our clownfish, whose price is around 20 or 25 euros, depending on the animal’s size. The species that we buy must be from hatcheries, not only because they are cheaper but also because they adapt better to the aquarium. So we will make sure that they are entirely healthy. We will avoid capture and the consequent problem of species disappearance in the coral reefs—causing severe problems to the ecosystem.