There are more species of fish than you can probably imagine. Rare, fast, slow, brightly colored, large, small, weak, strong, saltwater or freshwater. 

How many years does a fish live?

All of them are different from each other, and therefore their longevity also varies considerably. For example, the life of an aquarium fish is usually more than a decade, although it may last for hours since, as with humans, many factors influence a death.

Generally, captive-bred species live between two and four years. A significant fact is that to prolong the life of these fish, their environment and habitat should be reproduced in detail and with great care. However, few fish in the same tank, frequent water changes, and various plants are essential. 

On the other hand, fish that live in their natural environments such as lakes or rivers tend to have a somewhat shorter life. For what reason? Because in times of drought, they disappear or lower their water level, and inevitably, the fish that inhabit them die.

However, the opposite side to this type of fish is found in other species such as big cats or carp that can live up to 50 years. The life expectancy of fish is also usually related to the time it takes for them to reach sexual maturity, since the sooner they get it, the sooner they age and therefore die.

Types of Fish and their life of Expectancy 

Depending on the type of fish, its life expectancy will be longer or shorter.

The koi fish, one of the most popular species of these animals due to its enormous size – it can even measure one meter – can live between 30 and 40 years, thus becoming one of the longest-lived species. There are cases of koi fish that have reached the age of 65.

Koi Fish

It is advisable not to keep many pet koi fish in one tank because they compete for food and even water. They also get dirty very quickly and have to be constantly changed with the water. In addition, it is advisable not to add too much food as it can cause infections.

Orange fish, which can be bought in many stores and kept as pets, are usually one of the most common types in aquariums and have a life expectancy of two to three years. 

Orange koi fish, Cyprinus Carpio

The reason that its years of life are so short is that it is a very delicate species and that if it is not cared for properly, it only lasts a few months.

For its part, goldfish, a prevalent type in fish tanks due to its striking color, also does not usually live for many years, and the vast majority die in a matter of weeks or months. For what is this? Because many people who acquire them do not take the time necessary to learn to care for these animals properly. 

Gold Fish

According to various reports, the one that has lived the longest has been 45 years. Therefore it is pretty significant since it shows that goldfish can live for decades if pampered and cared for correctly.

One of the most chosen to become a pet in many households, the kite fish, can live between five and ten years. It has a wide range of colors and adapts easily to living with other species. On the other hand, betta fish, animals of Asian origin, incredibly striking due to the shape of their fins and vivid colors, can reach three and five years of life since they are in continuous threat because they are one of the species that have more predators after them.

Betta Fish

Known as Telescope Fish, very popular for their globe-shaped eyes, they usually have great longevity. They live for around 10-15 years, or even longer if they get the proper care. 

It is also curious to talk about the so-called Japanese fish, known as golden carp, one of the best-selling animals as pets worldwide due to its attractiveness; They usually live between ten and twelve years and begin to reproduce when they are only ten months old. 

golden carp fish

In addition, they require to be in wide spaces and that the water temperature is between 12ºC and 22ºC. So if you want to have one, you have to change the water frequently and feed it a whole food for that species.

Finally, we will talk about cold-water fish, which, as we have said previously, inhabit lakes, fish tanks, rivers, or containers usually filled with that type of water. These types of fish do not usually live more than 15 years, a vast difference with sea fish that can reach up to 20 years of life approximately.