It is often considered that the world of fish needs much less care than that of any other animal, which is excellent confusion. There are many cares for the pet to have the best possible well-being. Among them is its lighting, the water, the cleaning of the aquarium, or the routine of changing the water. This time we will focus on the latter since cleaning is a fundamental part of the health of this animal.

Many people consider that by having a filter in the fish tank, they no longer have to change their pet’s water continually. This is another big mistake since the filter that it does helps preserve the water’s cleanliness in the aquarium. Still, it does not clean it in its entirety. 

So it is recommended that the aquarium water be changed once or twice a week. Given this, many people will wonder how to do it since it requires particular care and delicacy, especially with the fish you will have to dislodge from their usual environment.

For all this, and based on the advice we will give you below, the water change will become the realization of a few simple steps in which you will ensure the well-being of your animals at all times.

Find a Surface to house the Fish

The first step you will have to take is to find a place similar to the aquarium where you will house the fish while changing the water. When you have chosen a container, you will have to make sure that it does not have traces of soap since this can be harmful to animals.

You will have to do this the night before so that the water on the surface where you will later place your pets settles and has a temperature similar to that of the fish tank and that the chlorine levels drop. Therefore, it is advisable not to project sunlight or other artificial light directly onto the tank as this can cause the temperature to vary.

If you do not have time to do all these things and the water change is in a hurry, you can also use a dechlorinator to obtain the same result and in a much faster way.

Move the Fish

How to change the aquarium water?

Once you have verified that the water in the new container is at the same temperature as that of the fish tank and we have removed the chlorine, we can transfer the fish. This should also be done with special care so that the pet suffers as little as possible. 

Some people catch the fish with a fishing net and place the new container near the fish tank so that the time in which the animals are out of the water is as short as possible, and they do not suffer. 

Another more advisable alternative with which there will be no risk of the pet’s suffering is inserting a small round object inside the aquarium that does not contain soap residues. 

Once it is submerged in the water, you will have to wait for the fish to enter its interior, and when this has been achieved, you will only have to remove it from the fish tank.

Change Dirty water in the Fish Tank

When we have already dislodged the fish, it will be our turn to change the water in the fish tank. To do this, and be careful not to throw the objects inside, such as plants or rocks, for the fish to play, you must remove the dirty water. 

Once this is done, the best thing to do so that all the contents are clean is that you remove the objects that were inside, place them in another container and wash them with hot water and salt.

Afterward, the aquarium will be cleaned, which has already been explained in previous articles. In addition, it is advised what special care to take when using objects and items suitable for caring for animals.

Introduce the clean Fish Tank Objects

When this has been achieved, all the objects in the tank that has also been cleaned will be reintroduced, and the aquarium will be filled with water. 

In the latter case, the same steps carried out previously will have to be followed to prepare the container in which the fish were to be found during the cleaning of the aquarium. 

So you will have to clean the water and make sure that it does not have chlorine and is at the same temperature as the other container where the animals are

Transfer the Fish to the Fish Tank with Clean Water

And in the same way that the animals have previously been moved from one place to another, this time it will be carried out to the aquarium after changing the water and having it ready again for their enjoyment and health.

If it is the first time you change the water in the aquarium, another person should accompany you to help you carry out all these steps in the most appropriate way and with the most excellent care. 

It would also be good if one person is in charge of changing the water, and another is watching the fish at all times. Since these, on many occasions, can jump, so it would be necessary to put a lid on top of the container so that they do not get out of it.