Fish are the calmest animals, whose calm is transmitted to the people who have them as pets. This type of pet can be had with complete peace of mind in any home, as long as the necessary conditions are maintained in the aquarium for the type or types of fish kept in it. 

Red pencil fish

This time, we will talk specifically about the red pencil fish, an incredible variety of exotic fish.

The Color of the Red Pencil Fish: Its most striking characteristic

Nannostomus Morgenthaler, commonly called red pencil fish, is a species that has recently been incorporated into the aquarium theme and is being kept as a pet like other fish. 

Its habitat is in South America, specifically in the basins of the Nanay River, located in the north of Peru, so it is a most exotic species that fish lovers love to have.

Red pencil fish

If one thing draws attention to pencil fish, it is their unique color. The body of pencil fish is quite robust compared to other fish, and its coloring attracts the most attention. 

This coloring consists of three dark horizontal stripes on a golden background, making them more eye-catching. The intensity of these stripes will vary depending on the fish and its age.

Adult males have a much redder and more intense color than females, so it is pretty easy to know how to differentiate the types of fish. The fins, the dorsal, the tail, and the anal will be the same color. 

In addition, the intensity of the black stripes will vary in intensity, thus determining the social level of each of the individuals. For example, between the two lines in the upper part, a red coloration begins in the eye and ends in the tail fin.

Must live with other fish

The types of fish can be of the most varied, from those that, conveniently, live alone in the aquarium to those that they should coexist with other fish, either of their species or different ones. 

Red pencil fish

In the case of the red pencil fish, they must live in a commune because it is a fish that needs to be with other fish. These fish are very friendly with each other, so they live very quietly with other fish of their species.

When you have a red pencil fish in an aquarium, it is essential to know that it needs to be accompanied by other fish. Therefore, these fish are friendly and have to live in communes to prevent them from being depressed and feeling alone. 

These communes should be of around twelve fish to play with each other, chase each other, and enjoy the company of others.

Aspects to consider about Aquarium

When you have fish as a pet, the aquarium theme is essential. These animals require that their environment be clean and adequate to their needs at all times, so knowing well what the aquarium needs are critical. There are many aquariums, they can be made by hand, place objects, plants, and others, but there are aspects that cannot be overlooked.

  • The water in the aquarium: The size of the red pencil fish does not exceed 4 centimeters, which allows it to live calmly and comfortably in an aquarium that does not have to exceed 60 liters. The water should be slightly acidic, and the PH should be around 6.5. As for the temperature, it should be noted that it has to be about 24-28 degrees Celsius.
  • Pencil fish food: The red pencil fish is an omnivorous spice that will make it adapt to any food once it has found its place in the new aquarium. The food that will have to be provided will be live in the first phase or, if not, in frozen form. In this case, the options will be the red and white larva, cyclops, or similar. Once the time has passed a little, they can be given dried or granulated food.
  • Aquarium plants: These fish need to have plants in the aquarium to hide and enjoy between the leaves of the same. These plants will serve as a refuge in case they feel attacked and play with them.

Red pencil fish

Without a doubt, they are some of the most exciting fish for people who love this world, and, specifically, they are fish for amateurs in an advanced state because they require more specific and concrete care than other species.