The tropical fish have a characteristic that usually differs from the rest, as their colors are pretty striking, most notably in blue, yellow, orange, and others. When living in their natural habitat, they are hidden among coral reefs. 

Also, tropical fish can be both freshwater and saltwater. These curious hypnotic fish are most concentrated in Florida (United States), Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

It is always better when choosing tropical pet fish. Well, most fish that live in salty waters or lake fish require particular conditions to survive. If the acidity of the water or the temperature changes even for an instant, they would have terrible consequences on these animals. 

Therefore, tropical fish resist changes in temperature and the acidity of the water much better. This will prevent them from getting sick if you take too long to change the filter when cleaning the aquarium.

Caring for Tropical Fish in the Aquarium

To give a better quality of life to the tropical fish that you adopt as a pet, these aspects must be taken into account for their equipment (which can be found in any pet store) and that they feel as comfortable as possible:

  • A fish tank with a light source. It can be purchased together or separately, the first option being the most common.
  • Gravel for the bottom of the fish tank. There are different types, so it will be chosen to suit each person. It is also advisable to fill the bottom with about 3 centimeters.
  • A thermometer and a water heater. They are fish that need particular care since, by nature, they are used to living under very high temperatures. Therefore, it will be more than necessary to have a heater in the aquarium to regulate the temperature of the water. Otherwise, if the water is colder than usual, they can become ill and die (although they usually last longer if they are not at their ideal temperature). It is a fundamental aspect to consider once you decide to have tropical fish as a pet.
  • A conditioner and a clarifier for the water. These two devices can be adapted to tap water so that the fish can live since they adjust the PH of the water, eliminate bacteria, and the chlorine keeps the water clean.
  • Plants and ornaments. This aspect will be decorated to each person’s taste, being a highly customizable element since there are infinite details and different ways to create true works of art underwater, thus designing a dream fish tank.

How to clean a Fish Tank

Keeping the fish tank clean is essential for the health of your pets. Generally, changing the water is enough, but you can also use a gravel siphon to clean the bottom and the rest of the decorative elements. However, it is necessary to take into account:

  • Prepare the new water that will be introduced into the fish tank. To adapt better, it is advisable to let the water stand overnight before pouring it into the tank. If you cannot wait one night, at least you have to let it rest for half an hour.
  • Afterward, a quantity of water similar to that which will be introduced again in a progressive manner is removed.
  • It is necessary to replace the filters every week to keep the water perfect for tropical fish. Instructions to follow step by step are included in the filter package since it may vary from one model to another.

Tropical fish: care and advice to keep them in the aquarium

Fish Food Advice

Another aspect to consider when choosing to have a tropical fish as a pet is its diet. Be very careful because they can be both herbivores and carnivores, and you will have to give them a different diet. In addition, it is always better to spread a little food and re-add than to add more food. It is also advisable not to buy huge boats if you do not have few fish because an open boat does not last long in good condition.

Types of Tropical Fish

Take note of some of the tropical fish to keep in a tank:

  • The tetra. They are friendly fish of small size and bright colors: red and silver. This species has developed hearing which means that they are always alert to any possible danger.
  • Sword Tail. These fish are native to Central and North America. They are viviparous, basing their diet on algae, vegetables, and baby fish. The name of this fish comes from a part of its body, a very extensive tail fin that is similar to a sword.
  • Platy. The Platy is one of the most common fish due to the variety of colors since it has almost all the colors of the rainbow. It is a viviparous fish, like the previous one, that is obtained in large quantities. As a curiosity, they can hybridize with swordtails. Also, the male has an anal fin with which the female inseminates.
  • Guppy. Guppies are viviparous fish whose life expectancy is two years. They are very showy for their striking colors, especially in the case of males. They can reproduce every month. And they get used to meal times very well. When the time approaches, they come to the surface to ask for it. They are very peaceful fish.
  • Piranhas. Keep in mind that this type of fish is carnivorous, and its main diet is based on eating other species of fish and living organisms in the water. Therefore, you have to think carefully if you buy this type of species.
  • Molly. Molly fish live in complex, alkaline waters. They are fish that are pretty solitary and are rarely seen in pairs. They always eat vegetables.