If we want to have a fish as a companion animal, we must understand the difference between an aquarium and a fish tank since these are the two containers the animal can live. 

However, there are many differences between one and the other that we should know before purchasing them. You must also know the different types of fish they will feel more comfortable and cared for in each container.


Fish Bowl

The fish tank is a resistant glass or plastic container with an oval shape where cold water fish are usually kept. Also, because the fish tank cannot regulate the water temperature and is very small, only tiny fish will live in it.

Therefore, the fish tank is not the best container for a fish, as space is minimal (which is why some of them constantly spin around non-stop when they are fed up with being compressed in such a small home), they jump to escape, or They end up dying if their water is not changed daily.

Also, the fish tank is so small has stagnant water, and when we feed the fish, some particles of the food will remain floating in it. Thus, cleaning the fish tank is essential if we want our fish to live healthy and happy for a long time.

One last tip is that when the fish tank is uncovered, the fish can be attacked by other animals in the home: when it falls, all the water will spill, and the fish could again drown.

The Aquarium

The aquarium is a container made of a more rigid material than the fish tank and is much larger. Depending on the type of aquarium you have, it will be for cold water or hot water fish, and it will have a scrubber that will constantly clean the water. In addition, this container is covered, so the fish will not jump out, or other pets will be able to harm it.

As the aquarium is deeper and more spacious, the fish will feel more comfortable and better. However, we must know well the nature of each fish species if we do not want them to harm each other or die because the water temperature is not adequate.

Aquariums can be connected to the current and change the water continuously, which is an extra expense compared to the fish tank, whose maintenance is much cheaper. Also, the aquarium takes up much more space than the fish tank and is likely to be much more expensive to both the container and its maintenance.

So, when choosing a fish tank or aquarium for your fish, you must consider all these factors, both economic and the type of fish or fish you want to have.

If you want to buy a fish for your young child, it is best to buy a cold-water one that can live in a fish tank, because it will help them learn to clean and feed the animal, it will take up less space and, once it dies the pet, we can replace it with another or store the fish tank without problems.

On the contrary, if we are adults who want to care for several fish more elaborately and it does not involve a significant expense, we must opt ​​for a beautiful and well-cared aquarium.